Omnichannel Marketing Platform for <br/> All-Screen UGC Distribution

Omnichannel Marketing Platform for
All-Screen UGC Distribution

Meet your customers wherever they are shopping

Whether it’s a product page, an in-store display, or a digital billboard, your products can be displayed everywhere with ProductLead.

Complex distribution features

Big banner displays with your productGreat for conferences, events, concerts, festivals and more.

Product feed integrationShowcase your product on all types of screens from mobile to billboards and beyond.

Powerful analyticsSee what works best and act on it.

Curated assets for omnichannel distributionDisplay brand-owned and user-generated content on any screen.

Countless ad designs templatesTest different ways of formatting your branded or UGC content.

Custom designs for all screen typesMake your brand shine on the big screen, mobile and in-store displays.

Omnichannel UGC distribuition success stories

The Live Museum

The Live Museum

Create a new museum from scratch and democratize art and its curation. Innovative brand activations in no-time.

Push UGC in-store

Push UGC in-store

Large screens placed in-store and a cool product discovery experience. All that to keep visitors more engaged and reveal cool deals.

Realtime emotions delivered

Realtime emotions delivered

See your selfie live on stage, mark the moment and live the moment. Over 70.000 images curated in the 4 days of festival, delivered true emotions through our API integration.

Meet your customers where they are shopping with omnichannel displays.

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