Today a data-based strategy it's a must for success

Use real-time insights and meaningful analytics to inform and empower your social media marketing decisions

Awesome features

In-depth insightscomplex information about how your content and community performs

User generated content overviewTrack the best content generated by users and creators

Competitor trackingMonitor and learn what your competition is doing

Big DataWe identify the best content and actions for you

Identify heroesLearn who are your best brand advocates

Predictive analyticsSee in the future and act today

Creating meaningful customer journeys for every brand

Lead by measuring and learning
Philip Morris

Lead by measuring and learning

IQOS is the leader in the HTP category and this because they truly understand their consumers and their needs. Using powerful analytics the brand learned important insights on the audience, the competitors, its advocates and its content.

Metrics for a data-approach strategy

Metrics for a data-approach strategy

George, the newest banking platform from the leading bank, needed an upgraded social media game. Our platform supplied the in-depth analytics to feed the strategy.

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