ProductLead vs Photoslurp

ProductLead vs Photoslurp

Why ProductLead is a better alternative to Photoslurp

With so many platforms that promise an automated way of managing UGC and transforming it into relevant digital branded assets, choosing the right tool can seem like a daunting process or switching from your current platform, even if your workflow isn’t the best.

This is the reason we’ve prepared a full side-by-side comparison of Product Lead and Photoslurp, which should help your marketing team better understand the differences at a glance, so you can choose the right UGC tool or switch to a better one, and grow your results.

What does ProductLead do?

ProductLead is an integrated Product Experience ecosystem that makes harnessing the power of UGC easy, fast and scalable. Create, gather, organize, repurpose and share creative & contextual content about your products across the entire customer’s journey. Make your advertising assets relevant, engaging and scalable in no time.

What does Photoslurp do?

Photoslurp is a UGC management platform that provides some of the most common features for sourcing and repurposing user-generated content for brands in different industries.

UGC is an important marketing asset, but also a scalable advertising strategy is, so 

Photoslurp might not be the right fit if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop solution.

Side by side Capabilities & Key Benefits

We’ll show you all the relevant features that make ProductLead a better-integrated ecosystem for harnessing UGC that creates product experiences, drives engagement, and boosts sales.

Instant access by signing up only
Pricing plans are available without a demo
Brand UGC content sourcing
Product feed content sourcing
Product linking for website shoppable galleries 
Mixed content sourcing (social media & product feed)
Creative studio available (generate digital assets @scale) 
Predefined templates available by default
Predefined templates filtering 
Export content in the Facebook library
Advertising assets built directly from social media UGC
Social media standard sizes available
Static & dynamic assets creation
No design skills are required for using the platform
100% Cloud storage & workflows
Influencer campaign streamlined management
Social media Competitive benchmarking available
Website Visual commerce 
Advanced Analytics & ROI tracking
Features available for various industries
Multi-countries integration
Omnichannel content repurposing
Customers Media rights collection

Choosing the right UGC management solution is not only about the product itself, but is a lot more about your specific needs. Check this summary below to see if ProductLead is the right fit for your needs.

1. Once you sign up on the platform, you can directly source all the amazing user-generated content from your brand’s Instagram account. With just a few clicks you can organize and curate this content, and then decide in which way you want to repurpose it, omnichannel.

2. In case you want to develop more creative content across your social media accounts, to increase brand awareness and clients’ engagement, you can set and manage influencer campaigns directly from your ProductLead dashboard. You’ll have streamlined campaign management, with valuable insights and a fast way to get inspiring content from your brand ambassadors.

3. Last but not least, by using ProductLeads’ creative studio, you can harness the power of user-generated content in relevant and fresh advertising assets created at scale, with no design skills required.

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