ProductLead vs Celtra

ProductLead vs Celtra

Why ProductLead is a better alternative to Celtra

Choosing the right creative automation platform might be one of the most efficient decisions you can make for the entire marketing team: it saves time, improves productivity, and helps you scale up your digital creative process.

We’ve prepared a full side-by-side capabilities comparison and a comprehensive analysis to answer your question: what’s the difference between ProductLead and Celtra and what is the best solution for my needs?

So, if you’re interested in discovering how you can make the most of your chosen creative automation solution, check the key points below.

What does ProductLead do?  

ProductLead’s Creative automation Studio is a part of an integrated Product Experience ecosystem. By using the Creative Studio you get instant access to all your brand’s digital assets, sourced from your social media, in one single dashboard, so you can scale your digital advertising with variety and volume, and make it engaging & relevant. 

What does Celtra do?

Celtra is a single tool that provides creative automation for brands in various industries and can be used based only on product feed integration or product files uploads. 

Creative automation is effective when all of your brand’s inspiring content is integrated into your advertising campaign as well. 

Side by side Capabilities & Key Benefits

Instant access by signing up only
Pricing plans are available without a demo 
Brand UGC content sourcing
Product feed content sourcing
Mixed content sourcing (social media & product feed)
Predefined templates available by default
Predefined templates filtering 
Video insert in creatives
Direct export in advertising platforms
Downloadable creatives at any time
100% Cloud storage & workflows
No design skills are required for using the platform
Advertising assets build directly from social media UGC
Social media standard sizes available
Static & dynamic assets creation

Choosing the right creative automation platform is not only about the product itself – it’s a lot more about your specific needs. Check this summary below to see if ProductLead fits your workflow better:

1. Once you sign up on the platform, you can directly connect your brand’s Instagram and source all the amazing content that you can directly integrate into advertising creatives at scale. On the other hand, it’s best to plan the creation of your digital ads if you are opt-in for Celtra and to prepare your product feed or a .xlsx file for upload.

2. When it comes to design skills, Celtra might challenge yours, as their platform is doing quite well with details & specifics. On the other hand, ProductLead is created for any skill level of a marketer looking for an easy-to-use and resourceful platform for creating dynamic & engaging ads from mixed content: inspiring UGC & product feed.

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